Thursday, February 8, 2018

Weekly Communication from Central Office - 2/8

Wink’s Weekly Words

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February 19 PD Day
On Monday, February 19, we will have our PD day.  WE WILL HAVE BREAKFAST FOR
YOU at 7:30.  Come hungry to eat and to learn.  Also, you will have lunch on your own,
so you can eat with your friends or your team.  Below Amy will have information on
what you need for learning that day.

College & Career
I enjoyed reading Phillip Lentz’s parent message about being the first in his family to
go to college. If you haven’t read it, I strongly encourage you to check it out.  It is a
story that motivates me to be even better for all kids and those who directly impact
our students.

I would not be here if I hadn’t college, but to be completely honest, I wouldn’t
have gone to college if I hadn’t found my passion at the time, music. It was
music that drove me to be better.  It inspired me to aspire for better, and it literally
changed my life.

In order to fulfill our goal of ensuring that all kids graduating with a solid plan for
college and career, it starts with helping all students discover their unique passion.  
To do this we must ask ourselves these questions.  What passions do our kids have?  
What are we doing to support those passions, but more importantly what are we
doing to motivate kids to try new things so they can discover what makes them
unique?  The answers to these questions will lead us to help all kids find out their
purpose in life.  Take time this week to visit with students about passions that
they have or haven’t discovered yet.

Your Vote = Your Voice
Here is how you can register to vote.  The deadline to register is February 5.  
Early voting begins on February 20, and election day is March 6.  

Amy’s Announcements

Reminder...your FA4 is due in Eduphoria THIS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH.
Mock Benchmark for:
* 5 and 8 Reading/Math,
* English I and
* English II
Download the 2017 Released Test for your content, then “Create a Test” in
Eduphoria - creating a Quick Test Key associated with your test -

The MOY MAP window has closed. THANK YOU very much for the effort staff and
students gave to provide us with helpful data that will show their growth,
strengths and areas that need attention. Below are Data Trainings for each campus.
Make plans to attend.
* ES - Thursday, February 15 @ 3:45
* MS -  Tuesday, February 20 @ 7:15
* HS -  PD Day - February 19 @ 3:00

Allowable Accommodations
Are you logging the accommodations you are using with students?
Links to spreadsheets are found here -

2/19 Staff Learning Day
Another Staff Learning Day is coming up on 2/19. We’ll continue our work with:
* Purposeful Lesson Planning
* Vertical Alignment of Supplemental Aids and other allowable accommodations
See the agenda for the day HERE -
Make sure to bring your Chromebook and  materials for lesson planning.

Celebrate Engineers Week February 18-24
How can we use this week to interest kids in science and engineering?

Tweet your insight and pictures to @blueridgeisd.

Weekly #TeacherTruth
I love that we are evolving as a district that believes in collaboration.
The knowledge you all possess is more powerful shared with one another.
Thanks for being educators that want to share and learn!

Professional Learning

If you identified Differentiated Instruction as your MOY PLP Goal,
you’ll want to sign up for this R10 training. I’ve signed up and I’m excited
to go through it!
* K-12 online training, Design for Differentiation, featuring short,
weekly lessons revolving around the five areas of differentiation.
This is a great training for any teacher looking to improve in
differentiation. 6 CPE GT Update Hours over a one month  

* Be sure you are frequently updating with any ‘outside the normal workday’
professional learning. The district always wants to keep a record of all
learning taking place by BRISD staff.
* Remember that when you attend a BR offered class and do the survey,
it automatically grants credit to your portfolio.

Staff Shoutout

This week is National School Counseling Week and BRISD has 2 AMAZING counselors,
Missy Douglas and Rebecca Kay. These ladies do so much for our staff and students.
Where would we be without them? Why don’t you drop by and see them today or shoot
them an email and tell them why YOU love them!

Technology Announcements

We’re very excited to announce that materials have arrived and plans are underway
for upgrading our WIFI on all campuses! We are scheduled to have this work done
over Spring Break, so hopefully staff and students will see even better connection on
our wireless devices. We’ll provide updates as we have them.  

Special Programs Announcements

Blue Ridge ISD Dyslexia on FB -

Business Office Announcements
Texas maximum mileage reimbursement rate for travel occurring on or after
January 1, 2018 is 54.5 cents per mile.  Please use this rate from this point forward
on any mileage reimbursements.