Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weekly Communication from Central Office - 1/25

Wink’s Weekly Words

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The Power of Words
Please take 2 minutes to watch this video.  Your words are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.  When you change your words, you change your mindset and potentially every child’s world.  I sincerely appreciate all of the work you have done in January.  You are laying strong foundations in each child that will help him/her learn, grow and excel.

Your Vote = Your Voice
Here is how you can register to vote.  The deadline to register is February 5.  Early voting begins on February 20, and election day is March 6.

Amy’s Announcements


Are you logging the allowable accommodations that you’re implementing into your campus spreadsheet? Please be doing this on a regular basis so we’re able to assess the strategies that are working for your students that can be used on STAAR.
*** As we’ve discussed there’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for our RtI students who struggle with reading difficulty to be offered Extra Time or Oral Admin. We’ll be doing training on campuses SOON to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to let technology help with oral admin. Be looking for information on this from your campus principal.

Go here for links to the training, Lead4Ward documents and spreadsheets:

Reminder...your FA4 is due in Eduphoria on FEBRUARY 9TH. Let your campus principal know if you need assistance.
This will be a regular FA, except for these subjects, which will be doing a Mock Benchmark.

* 5 and 8 Reading/Math,
* English I and
* English II

1819 Calendar
We’ve been working on our 1819 Calendar. The final version will go before the BRISD Board of Trustees in February.
A link to the draft calendar for 18-19 can be found here:
We would love feedback from staff and the community.
Please view the calendar and provide your thoughts here:

Next week (Jan 30 - Feb 2), the amazing Peer Coaches will be visiting your classrooms. Hopefully, you’ll have time in your schedule for a return visit to their room! They’ll be reaching out by email to talk about your goals and how they can support you.

** Accommodation Resources -
** FA Instructions -

Staff Shoutout

This week’s Shoutout is to recognize the hard-working, multi-tasking, always positive ladies that run the offices on our campuses. What would we do without you? Thanks for meeting the needs of all staff and students. We appreciate you!!
Also, Lana Sikes...thank you for filling in during these last couple of weeks. I know the staff appreciates everything you've done to keep things running smoothly!
Kelly - thanks to your husband, I was able to track down a picture of you!

Technology Announcements

We’ve had requests from teachers to block YouTube. We’ve done some work on the filter to still have YouTube open because we know you do use it for educational purposes. It’s on ‘restricted’ mode, which will hopefully filter out content you wouldn’t want for your students to view. If you experience videos/channels blocked that should be open, put a ticket in HelpDesk and we’ll address it.

Special Programs Announcements

Blue Ridge ISD Dyslexia on FB -