Thursday, January 18, 2018

Weekly Communication from Central Office - 1/18

Wink’s Weekly Words

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Your Vote = Your Voice
Are you register to vote?  The March primaries are coming quickly, and one
of the candidates on the ballot will  be elected to make decisions about education
and your future in education.  Your vote is your voice, and I encourage you to
become familiar with the candidates and informed about their platform, so that
you can choose the best candidate for issues that matter to you most.

Based on the last session, the legislators selected in the primaries (if elected in November)  
will more than likely make decisions about the following education issues:
  • Funding for education
  • The Texas Teacher Retirement System
  • Vouchers
  • Testing and accountability
  • Special Education

Here is how you can register to vote.  The deadline to register is February 5.  
Early voting begins on February 20, and election day is March 6.  

Amy’s Announcements
After our training in November on Allowable Accommodations for students, you should
be well on your way of implementing strategies that will benefit specific students. It’s
important to be documenting these strategies on your campus spreadsheet we can
make determinations for STAAR on whether or not it was beneficial.
See the iMPACT Blog here for links to the spreadsheets and Lead4Ward documents
which highlight what is allowable -

Even though we’re still administering FA3, the deadline for submitting your FA4 is just
around the corner. Your FA4 assessment is due FEBRUARY 9TH. Let your campus principal
know if you need assistance.

1819 Calendar
We’ve been working on our 1819 Calendar. The final version will go before the BRISD
Board of Trustees in February.
A link to the draft calendar for 18-19 can be found here:

Highlights of the draft calendar:
* First day of school: August 20
* Fair Day: October 8
* Full week at Thanksgiving
* Christmas Holiday: December 20 -  January 8
* Spring Semester begins: January 9
* Spring Break: March 11-15
* Bad Weather Day on Good Friday, April 19
* Last Day for students: May 24

We would love feedback from staff and the community.
Please view the calendar and provide your thoughts here:

** Accommodation Resources -
** FA Instructions -

Technology Announcements

We have officially converted over to fiber. Hopefully you’re noticing improvement in
our internet! We’re going to be continuing to work to make our internet speed/connectivity
even better by improving wireless access points later this spring.

Special Programs Announcements

Business Office Announcements
Tax Documents from Kim Mounger:
Notice of Cyber Alert