Friday, October 6, 2017

Weekly Communication from Central Office - 10/6

Wink’s Weekly Words

Thank you for a hard week of work.  In a 4 day week, we turned assessment data into responses to grow students, and we are almost to the end of the 1st 9 weeks.  This week began the month of Shocktober or Rocktober, depending on how you look at it.  If it’s Shocktober, we allow small stressers to pile up.  We get tired because so much comes at us at once, and once we get to this point, Shocktober has won.  

I don’t want this month to be that for me or for you.  As a leadership team, we want it to be Rocktober, and we are going to help you by making our staff development day, October 16, a dual purpose day.  It will be a day of powerful learning that will transform into 3 weeks of great planning for you.  More information will be coming from Mrs. Hopkins in the coming weeks, so put a smile on your face.  Look October in the eye and say, “I’m going to make October rock.”  
You need to say that because you make every day rock!  


The BR Fall Festival is set for Saturday, October 21 from 8 - 4.  This event is going to have tons of fun events including a Zombie Run, Pony Rides, Inflatable Bounce Houses/Obstacle Courses in the Gym, and lots of food, vendors, etc.  
VOLUNTEERS - If you would like to help out by working the event, please email or call Shawn Harris to let her know.
FREE T-SHIRT - If you volunteer, you will get a cool BR Fall Festival T-Shirt.

Amy’s Announcements

FA1 is in the books! Thank you for your diligence in preparing and administering a quality assessment and scanning before the weekend. This allows Mr. Wink and me time over the weekend to get the data prepared for your meetings with principals. Next week, Mr. Wink and I will be meeting with your campus principals to hear of your plans for student interventions. Please use the data rendered to plan what standards need to be spiraled back in and which students need targeted intervention. Thank you for all of your hard work these past couple of weeks.

On our October 16th Staff Learning Day, we’ll spend the morning together at Central Office. We’ve discussed before the importance of determining your 8-12 high frequency standards. On the 16th, we’ll work on identifying these and determining which ones need focus in your next 3 weeks of lesson plans.  To get a head start, you can access the Frequency Distribution chart for your content area on LeadForward - and make sure you can login to the TEKS Resource System -
We’ll be serving lunch on that day. Complete the form if you want to eat lunch.  We are serving a choice of hamburgers or baked potatoes.  October 16 PD Lunch Form

Staff Shoutout

We have an awesome staff, full of dedicated educators who go above and beyond every day. When I observe this personally, I want to recognize them here!

This week, I want to thank Dayna Price for the support she gives to her grade level team - Miss Garlington and Ms. Bolton, who are both new to the district. This week, she went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure FA week went smoothly. Thanks Dayna!

Technology Announcements

  • Internet/Fiber - The district is in the process of converting to fiber. When this process is complete, it will more than triple our bandwidth, making our internet much faster. The work is scheduled to be completed by the first of November. We’re excited to see how this positively impacts our staff and students!
  • C4B4Me for Technology/Program Support - Just as we ask our students to C4B4Me, here’s our C4B4Me for staff!
C4B4ME for Staff (3).jpg

  • Eduphoria HelpDesk looks a little different after some configuring was done.
    • Choose the department.
    • Under the Technology department, choose the category for your need. It will route to the appropriate person who can handle your request.

Professional Learning

  • We’re working on a few classes for October. More details next week!
  • All teachers will be receiving their 'TEACH LIKE A PINEAPPLE' chart next week. Each week,

Business Office Announcements

  • Six Weeks Attendance checks will be issued on Tuesday, October 10th.
  • Food service balances may NOT exceed $30 per employee and per employee’s student.  Please make sure you are keeping an eye on your account so this does not become an issue.  
  • Regarding student meals: General Operating will pay for approved student meals beyond District.  General Operating will not pay for any student meals for practice events.  Activity account funds may be used with prior approval and available funds.

Special Programs Announcements

Miscellaneous Announcements

  • October 16th PD - Daycare will be provided by the HS Beta Club for staff children, grades K-5. Sign up here by Oct 12 - Lunch will be provided for your kids.
  • Mrs. K’s Counselor’s Corner -

Upcoming Events (next 3 weeks)

See Mr. Wink’s blog for sports & community events.

  • Sat, Oct 7 - Green Saturday for HS students from 7 - 11 p.m.
  • Mon, Oct 16 - Staff Development Day (No School for Students)
  • Mon, Oct 16 - Board Meeting at 6 p.m.
  • Wed, Oct 18 - School Picture Retakes
  • Fri, Oct 20 - End of 1st 9 Week Grading Period
  • Sat, Oct 21 - Blue Ridge Fall Festival from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.