Thursday, August 31, 2017

1st 6 Weeks Formative Assessments - COMING SOON!

It's almost that time! Your 1st 6 Weeks Formative Assessment is due in Eduphoria Aware on September 8th. Remember that we're using the 6 Weeks YAG (Year at a Glance) this year, so your test will be built accordingly. 

We're adding adding MAP as one of our assessment instruments this year. We don't to overtest our students with this in mind, our aim is to make sure that our FAs focus on checking for understanding of the most important readiness standards in the material you will have covered in the first 6 weeks. 

Creating a Test in Eduphoria Aware

If your test cannot be built according to the guidelines below, speak with your campus principal, making sure there's adequate coverage of readiness standards questions combined with processing standards questions. 

BR Formative Assessments Guidelines

The TEKS Resource System creates test questions BY the UNIT that are pulled into Eduphoria. - basically "ready made" unit tests. If you would like to pull these unit questions into an Eduphoria test, see the instructions below. I'm available to help, if needed.

Building a TEKS Resource System Test in Eduphoria

After assessments are built and checked by your campus principal,